Industrial and logistics catalogue of Algeciras Bay

Algeciras Port

Technical characteristics


Quays: Total of 17.114m

La Galera Basin. 2.078m

North Basin. 4.698m

Fishing Dock. 2.273m

Minor and recreational craft. 3.384m

Isla Verde Exterior. 4.681m



The main passenger terminal building occupies a 12,000m2 surface area, with the ground floor used for ticket sales, shipping line offices, shops and institutional offices, and the disembarkment lounge. The top floor is occupied by luggage, passport and ticket control facilities, a cafeteria and the embarkment lounges.

To and from: Ceuta and Tanger Med

Shipping lines operating: Acciona, Balearia, FRS e Intershipping

Commercial premises and offices for companies

The annexe building to the passenger terminal is a shopping centre covering 7,900m2 and also distributed over two floors: the ground floor is used for office space by travel agencies and shipping lines and the top floor is shared between freight forwarders and shipping lines.


More than 275,000 heavy goods vehicles pass through Port of Algeciras facilities each year on the lines that connect us to Ceuta and Tanger Med.

The quality services provided by the shipping lines on these routes and the intense trade relations between Spain and Morocco have caused the cargo flow between Algeciras and North Africa increase year after year.

The companies currently operating the link between Algeciras and Africa are: Acciona, Balearia, FRS, and Intershipping.


Algeciras Port has adapted itself to the new international container traffic requirements and our facilities are easily able to accommodate the latest generation of containerships, such as Maersk Line’s Triple-E Class of megaships. Moreover, our quays are fitted out with state-of-the-art machinery for stowage operations.

APM Terminals Algeciras occupies a 67-hectare area on our Juan Carlos I Quay that has draughts of 17 metres. At present, the terminal is fitted out with 19 STS dockside cranes - eight of which are Over-Super-Post-Panamax class - supported by 59 RTGs.

TTI Algeciras, a common user terminal, occupies a leased area of 30 hectares, a public activity zone of 57,621 square metres and two quaylines of 650 metres on the Eastern side and 550 metres on the Northern side of the quay, with draughts of 18.5 and 17.5 metres, respectively.

TTI Algeciras is the first semi-automatic terminal in the Mediterranean and began operations on the quay’s first phase, with a capacity of 1.6 million TEUs, in May 2010. Like APM Terminals Algeciras, this terminal is able to accommodate the newest megaships with 8 STS dockside cranes, 32 fixed-track ASCs and 22 Shuttle Carriers.


The fitting-out project for Phase B at Isla Verde Exterior Quay is currently under way and is set to add another 2 million TEUs to the current 5-million TEU capacity of the port as a whole.

Liquid bulks

The Port of Algeciras Bay is also Spain’s number one liquid bulk handler, returning 25 million tonnes per year.


CEPSA’s Gibraltar-San Roque Refinery is equipped with jetties and a floating sea island anchored in 60 metres of water to enable oil tankers of up to 350,000 tonnes deadweight to berth. It has an offloading capacity of up to 12,000 m3/hour.

The refinery’s port facility has seven berths for loading and unloading oil-derived

products from a combined 1,467-metre jetty line, as well as another terminal exclusively used by fuel barges. The facility has draughts between 6 and 20 metres and can berth vessels of up to 175,000 tonnes deadweight.


CLH (Compañía Logística de Hidrocarburos) has 203,144 m3 available in the Port of Algeciras. It operates on the Port of Algeciras North Breakwater and receives products via tankers. The North Breakwater is also used to load barges and its two catchment basins have a pumping capacity of 500 m3/hour.


Isla Verde Exterior is home to the Vopak Terminal Algeciras fuel and liquid bulk storage terminal. It has 403.000 m3 of storage capacity in 22 tanks, as well as a pier that can accommodate ships of us to 225,000 tonnes deadweight.

Andalusian- Mediterranean Water Authority

The Andalusian- Mediterranean Water Authority operates the Puente Mayorga’s dolphin facility in San Roque to supply fresh drinking water. It can accommodate tankers of up to 115,000 tonnes deadweight.


The expansion plans contemplate increasing Vopak’s nominal storage capacity by 880,803 m3 with 36 new tanks, giving a total storage volume of 1,286,649 m3. At the same time, the plans also project the construction of three new berths fitted out with all the necessary array of auxiliary equipment to load and unload tankers.

Dry bulkss

Dry bulk throughput in the Bay of Algeciras – mainly coal and other minerals – usually returns figures of 2 million tonnes per year. The Acerinox and Endesa Generación terminals are the most important facilities for this type of traffic.


Acerinox is recognised as one of the most competitive manufacture of stainless steel companies in the world. The steel plant, which occupies a 125-hectare site, has an annual production capacity of 1.1 million tonnes; hot-rolling can produce up to 900,000 tonnes and cold-rolling up to 670,000 tonnes. The factory in the Campo de Gibraltar even has its own port facility, where Acerinox imports raw materials and ships finished products worldwide from a terminal that has a 250-metre quayline with draughts of 9.5 metres and is serviced by two gantry cranes.

Endesa Generación Port Terminal

Endesa Generación’s port terminal in Los Barrios houses the largest dry bulk ports in the Bay of Algeciras and one of the largest in Spain. The terminal’s excellent facilities- within the industrial area of the Bay and close to the petrochemical complex in Guadarranque - give the terminal a privileged spot within our port.

The terminal has a quayline of more than 700 metres and first-class facilities to unload and handle dry bulks. The unloading quay – at 360 metres long and with 23 metres draught – can handle ships of up to 270,000 tonnes deadweight; the loading quay can accommodate ships of

up to 25,000 tonnes deadweight, and a third berthline can serve ships of up to 60,000 tonnes deadweight.

Border Inspection Point

Due to its expansive traffic and timetable, the Border Inspection Point at the Port of Algeciras Bay is the only one in the Spanish port system that is rated Category One and approved by the European Union to inspect all cold, frozen or room temperature product types, whether for human consumption or not. It is also approved to inspect Category U, E and O (ungulates, equines and others) livestock. Physical inspections are performed 24/365 by the External,

Animal and Plant Health Service. After alteration and improvements, the BIF now has 30 loading and unloading bays.


Cold logistics has had a significant upward trend over the last few years thanks to the increased traffic of containerised perishable goods with South America and the excellent connections with Morocco.

Algeciras Port is able to supply 4,000 pallets to store fresh producs.


The Port's aim is to be able to triple the capacity, once the current new cold storage building projects are completed.


There is a wide range of naval fitting and repair specialists active in the Bay of Algeciras. The specialist naval repair companies have extensive experience in their sector and have fitted themselves out with state-of-the-art machinery to comply with all the current safety standards and legislation, and also aid in expediting the time employed in the actual repair. At the same time, the natural conditions of the Bay also contribute to ensure that all the repair work can be undertaken with the highest degree of safety, sheltered from the winds and currents out in the Strait of Gibraltar.

Campamento port facility has proved to be excellent both for accommodating unique projects and also for undertaking naval repairs.


The interior network of railways at the Port of Algeciras Bay (known as “RFPBA”) is made up of three branches:

Branch Nº 1. Rail link to the Isla Verde Interior Rail Terminal (T2) from the Port’s South Gate.

The railway line is 2,150 metres long and has two fans of sidings with three tracks each.

- The first fan of sidings makes up the Isla Verde Rail Terminal and has the following effective rake lengths, between fouling points:

- The second fan of sidings also has three tracks: Tracks Nºs 1, 4 and 5, with effective rake lengths between 500-550 metres. This line is the rail link to Juan Carlos I Quay, but is not currently operational.

Rail access to T2 leads from the Port of Algeciras Bay’s South Gate.

Branch Nº 2. Rail link to the Isla Verde Exterior Rail Terminal (T1) from the Port’s South Gate.

The railway line is 3,898 metres long in total, including the fan of sidings located at the Isla Verde Exterior Rail Terminal. The sidings consist of three tracks and has the following effective rake lengths, between fouling points:

Rail access to T1 leads from the Port of Algeciras Bay’s South Gate.

Branch Nº 3. Rail link between Terminals T1 and T2.

The railway line is 263 metres long.

Renfe Freight Multinaviera Service

Terminal Ferroportuaria de Isla Verde Exterior (T1) - Madrid (Puerto Seco de Coslada) – Terminal Ferroportuaria de Isla Verde Exterior (T1)

Daily service: L-V

Arrival at T1: 8:30

Departure from T1: 18:30


Long-Stay Car-Park

This multi-storey car-park, located no more than 5 minutes from our passenger terminal in Algeciras has a capacity for 810 cars, distributed over three 100 x 38 metre storeys. The bottom storey is completely open and is used as a pre-embarkment vehicle sorting area.

Short-Stay Car-Park

The Port of Algeciras Bay also has a short-stay or “express” car-park located opposite our passenger terminal in Algeciras.

HGV Park

Our Heavy Traffic Terminal (HTT) at the Port of Algeciras is located on Isla Verde Quay and has an enclosed, controlled area for the concentration of HGVs (semi-trailers and complete cargoes) that operate within the premises of our Port.


Algeciras Fish Market - total surface area: 8.770 m2

Lonja pesquera de Algeciras S.L.

Muelle Pesquero s/n


(0034) 956 632 648

Sailing Clubs

El Saladillo Marina area in Algeciras offers 1,250 berths for pleasure boats over 35 hectares of a basin, where various water sports and sailing clubs are to be found.

This facility is complemented by the facility run buy Alcaidesa Marina in the town of La Linea de la Concepcion, which offers 624 berths for pleasure boats along with all the related services: calls, supplies and repairs.


Basic Services




Port facilities have been adapted to the international code for Ship and Port Facility Protection (ISPS), thus complying with the requirements of the international Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) convention.

With the cooperation of US Customs Service, we recently brought the Container Security Initiative (CSI) into force, whose aim is to combat illegal trafficking and prevent terrorist

activity in any shape or form.

The Port of Algeciras is a pioneer in the application of the Megaports Initiative, developed to detect radioactive hazards.

Port Crisis Centre

Run by the Port Police service, all the buildings and port premises managed by our Port Authority are monitored around the clock from here. The system has enabled us to centralise control operations from one place through one of the most advanced communication networks in Spain.


Our Port Authority facilities are very high-tech. Our port premises are connected by a fibre-optic and CCTV network, to monitor port operations in real time, together with a whole array of radar and communications systems. All of this is supervised and controlled by our Service Coordination Centre, designed as a traffic and operations control centre, used jointly by the Sea Rescue & Salvage Society (SASEMAR), the Port Authority and the Pilots’ Association.


Industrial and logistics catalogue of Algeciras Bay.


Project developed in the framework of Complementary Actions for Initiation. Driven by the Chamber of Commerce of Campo de Gibraltar and funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Cámara Oficial de Comercio, Industria, Servicios y Navegación del Campo de Gibraltar • Paseo de Cornisa s/n. 11204 Algeciras (Cádiz)

t: 956 646 900 • f: 956 646

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